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Staying Healthy While You Travel

Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, it's easy to stray from routines like working out or eating well. After a day full of meetings or sightseeing, it's tempting to just curl right up in bed... which we totally understand; ours are insanely comfy. When it comes to your health though, slacking off completely won't do you any good – sticking to these good habits away will make it even easier to keep up with them at home. We consulted our resident health and fitness authority, Alaina, for a few easy tips on staying healthy while you travel.

Alaina is a Concierge at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. In her free time she runs, eats, explores, and writes a fabulous fitness blog called The Jogging Concierge.

Take advantage of your hotel's gym
Our new spa and health club is incredible, and it's all for you! If you're not much of a gym rat, there are plenty of easy exercises you can do in your room that don't require any equipment. To get your blood flowing, do jumping jacks or run in place. Push-ups and dips are great ways to get strength training in, using just your own body weight.

Do a little research
Before traveling to a city, check online to see if there are any popular running routes around the area. Whether they are through the heart of the city, in a park, or around a lake/river/waterfront, this can be the easiest way to get familiar with your surroundings. Check out websites like Yelp for healthy dining ideas – just search "organic," "local," or any dietary preference. Try to avoid familiar restaurants if you can; it's way more fun to test out the local cuisine!

Some favorite local spots: The Other Side Café (organic/vegan), Vlora (vegetarian/Mediterranean), Legal Sea Foods (seafood/gluten-free), Boloco and B.Good ("fast" food).

Don't be afraid to ask
Before or after you arrive, talk to your Concierge! Tell us what you're looking for, whether it's a spot to grab a healthy lunch or the most scenic jogging path around.