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Summer BBQ Tips from The Fairmont Southampton

While our chefs at The Waterlot Inn are still the Sultans of Steak, we want you to be able to whip something up in your backyard this summer while you're dreaming of relaxing on our beautiful private beaches.  So our chefs gave a few barbequing tips for you to take for a spin this summer!

  • To cook a 1.5" steak on the BBQ to medium rare perfection, it only takes 8 minutes!  Cook on one side for 2 minutes, flip for another 2 minutes, then flip back to the original side in a different angle- which gives you those nice score marks- for 2 minutes, and give the second side another 2 minutes.  Voila!
  • If you're throwing burgers onto the grill, make sure you don't flip them until the fat comes bubbling to the top- flip them too soon, and you'll have a dry mess!
  • If you're worried about how to cook the chicken, try cheating a bit- microwave the chicken until it's about 50% done and finish it up on the BBQ, ensuring that your chicken is not only fully-cooked but also full of that smoky, delicious BBQ taste.  If you're grilling boneless, skinless chicken breasts, make sure that they are relatively thin pieces on a very hot grill.  When you see them get slightly opaque on the bottom, it's time to flip!  Skip the caloric BBQ sauce and go basic with some delicious salt, pepper and seasonings on the chicken.  Delicious!
  • For fish, the most important BBQ factor is a clean, well-oiled hot grill.  Do not try flipping the fish too soon- if you feel like it is still sticking, then it is not ready to be flipped!  When the fish is opaque on the side closest to the heat, it's done on that side.