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Dreams of Tea, Ice Cream and Random Acts of Kindness

We had the extreme pleasure of welcoming a young man to our hotel who is battling a life threatening illness. We were contacted by the Make A Wish Foundation to offer a discount on Afternoon Tea as it had always been his dream to have Tea at The Fairmont Empress. (To protect his privacy, let's call the young man Sam.)

The day had arrived and our team looked forward to welcoming Sam and his family to the hotel. The Outlet Manager, Dale, who has children of his own, was particularly touched by this story and wanted to go the extra mile to ensure Sam had a truly Empress-ive experience. Dale enlisted the help of his Afternoon Tea colleagues, Marissa, Outlet Manager, and Chef Graham to turn this special experience into a truly memorable experience.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Sam and his family were welcomed and seated to enjoy Afternoon Tea. Once they enjoyed their special day of Afternoon Tea, Dale let them know the experience was not yet over. Dale presented Sam with a personalized Fairmont Chef's apron and hat, and asked him if he was up to the challenge of cooking with Chef. Sam agreed and suited up for the experience.

Within minutes, Sam joined Chef Graham, current Fairmont Empress dining room Chef of The Empress Room, Team BC Culinary team member and recent Chef of the Year winner, to make fresh ice cream. Sam used fresh cream, liquid nitrogen, fresh honey from the hotel's onsite bee garden and vanilla to create a creamy ice cream for his entire family to enjoy.

While there was no charge for Afternoon Tea, ice cream or the culinary lesson, our entire Fairmont Empress team was left with a priceless memory of providing Sam and his family this heart-warming experience.   While kings, queens, dignitaries and celebrities have all enjoyed the time honoured ritual of Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Empress, none quite as memorable as Sam to us.

Thank you Sam and family for sharing this special occasion with us; we will always treasure this gift of providing a random act of kindness to someone who wanted and needed it more than we will ever know.

An enormous thank you to Dale, Graham, Marissa and our Afternoon Tea team who made this experience happen, and for truly making this a special place to work; - this day and every day. The people at Fairmont truly make the difference!


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