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Food Truckin' at the Fairmont

Southern California has experienced an explosion in gourmet food trucks serving every type of food from various cuisines. The food trucks drive around the area, stopping around businesses, schools and community events. With tasty menu offerings and easy access, the truck phenomenon has gained a devoted following.

To help re-create that experience, Executive Chef Chad Blunston ventured out to local food trucks in the area to take notes and learn more about the food truck craze. Wanting to put his own spin on things, he headed back to the kitchen to provide an authentically local experience for a group of meeting attendees. Chef and his savvy culinary team came up with small bites including: Lobster & Fontina Mac-n-Cheese, Kurabuto Pork Belly Sliders with Espresso BBQ sauce, Saltimbocca on a stick with sage and fig glaze and Yellow Tail Tuna Tacos (just to name a few).  The hotel's Engineering Department assisted in building and designing the colorful facade of the Fairmont food truck. The day of the event, meeting attendees gathered around, ordered from the window and devoured every morsel.

The meeting was a huge success and their creative and unique lunch was unforgettable- we just hope they paid attention to their afternoon meeting and weren't day-dreaming sweet dreams of our So-Cal Food Truck!