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Adding Flavor and Fun to the Food at Your Wedding

In planning the menu for your wedding there’s no need to limit yourself to the typical chicken, beef or fish. The Fairmont Copley Plaza’s wedding specialist share their tips for adding a little fun to your wedding menu.

 1. To make everyone’s life more relaxing in preparation for the big day serve a dual entrée. For example, serve a Petite Filet Mignon and Halibut. This way, you do not have to keep track of what your guests have ordered on their reply card.

 2. Small touches help make your wedding unique. Try to include a favorite family recipe into the menu (Grandma Kelly's famous mashed potatoes). Your family will appreciate the effort and your guests will remember the gesture.

 3. Everyone has a wedding cake at their reception, but not everyone will serve a dessert trio! Serve fun deserts along with your wedding cake such as a miniature chocolate truffle and a seasonal fruit tart. Once the party gets moving, pass desserts on the dance floor such as miniature ice cream cones, whoopee pies, fruit shaped sorbets, etc. And for late night receptions - Keep the party going with some salty and sweet treats!

 4. Ask your chef about incorporating organically and seasonally grown ingredients for optimal freshness. And if your friends and family have any dietary preferences or allergies, let your wedding planner know so the chef can prepare something special for them as well.